Thank you for visiting our website. People have been worshipping in the church in Streetly since 1905. Now, as then, we are linked by a common desire to know and serve Jesus Christ. If you want to know more about us you are warmly encouraged to come to one of our Sunday Services. We welcome people who are seeking God as well as those who wish to grow in their faith.


Letter from the Manse

Place of Welcome

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We have joined the network of Places of Welcome and are opening on Saturday mornings from 10:00 - 12:00.

Anyone who would like somewhere to go for conversation and a cup of tea (or coffee) is welcome.




The April 2017 Newsletter is now published. Paper copies are available in the Church and a PDF copy can be down loaded here


Our next outside working day will be on Saturday 1st April, and will feature the grounds and especially parking area of the SPORTS GROUND (not the Church). Although we don't all use it, it is our property to maintain. If you can help or bring tools and equipment, please let Colin Cooksey know on cookseycolin@gmail.com. Many thanks


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Saturday 20th May 18.30 - 21.00 Tickets £5 Adults/£12 Familyto include jacket potato supper. All proceeds in aid of the Streetly Dementia Support Group Forget-me-not.

FORGET-ME-NOT is a totally voluntary group which has been going for five years, they do their own fundraising to cover domestic costs. The group has expanded recently and moved to St. Ann's Catholic Church where they meet monthly. They are currently looking for a toaster, a musical bingo game and a CD player as their donated one is beyond repair. They mentioned that the group benefit from musical activities so it seems appropriate that we support them by using the proceeds from our Fun and Games evening to enable them to purchase one of the items on their wish list.