Minister Rev John Rowe

Thank you for visiting our website. People have been worshipping in the church in Streetly since 1905. Now, as then, we are linked by a common desire to know and serve Jesus Christ. If you want to know more about us you are warmly encouraged to come to one of our Sunday Services. We welcome people who are seeking God as well as those who wish to grow in their faith.


Letter from the Manse

I am 5 Party

Sunday 28 February. There will be a single service at 10:30 followed by a faith lunch and I am 5 party to raise awareness and money so that children in poor countires can have the best birthday present ever - a toilet and reach their 5th Birthday.

Worshihp Time

Form the beginning of March 2016 there will be one act of Worship at 10:30. This was agreeed at Chuch Council on 26 November 2105 and will be for a trial period of six months.


Saturday 20th February 9:00 am 618:00 pm and Sunday 21st February 14:00 pm until 18:00 pm, What will the jobs be? - washing down, sanding, hole filling, painting with brush and roller. There will be a job for all levels of experience and skill and available time. What do we need?

  1. as many people as possible who can hold a paint brush or roller.
  2. paint rollers and trays and paint brushes.

What is the plan ? -

  1. put your name on the list in the porch with what time(s) you can do.
  2. turn up with equipment. Jobs will be handed out at 9am or whenever you get there.
  3. bring your lunch, tea and coffee provided.

Church Project

PRAYER TIME There is to be an opportunity for us to pray together, to hold the ministry and life of Streetly Church before God, particularly at this important time in the life of this Church. This will be on Monday mornings at 9.30am for half an hour.


Help with the Project by donating unwanted bits and pieces to be sold in cyberspace!

If there are any items you would like to give, please hand to Brenda, Jill or Elizabeth at Church. A photo will be taken and the item entered into an on-line auction."


We begin our trial period of one act of Worship at 10.30 on March 6th and our Coffee Time will follow the service as it does at present on "our 3rd Sunday". We would like someone to arrange the rota for providing the coffees & teas. There are already willing groups of people who make our drinks each Sunday providing an atmosphere of fellowship, and hopefully they will be able to continue. Please have a chat with a Church Steward if you are interested in taking up this helpful position.